Friday, November 17, 2017

Fact Friday: Zoo Scientists to the Rescue by Patricia Newman

Zoo Scientists to the Rescue by Patricia Newman. Photographs by Annie Crawley. 64 p. Millbrook Press/ Lerner Publishing Group, October 28, 2017. 9781512415711. (Review from finished copy courtesy of publisher.)

I reviewed this on the blog here but I featured it on the morning announcements at school today. I had scheduled it for today weeks ago but when I spied this picture at the Phoenix Zoo outside their conservation center on Sunday,
I was thrilled by the happy coincidence.

This was the announcement: It's time for Fact Friday. When Ms. Kahn was in Phoenix, Arizona for a conference last weekend, she visited the Phoenix Zoo. She spied a giant poster of a black-footed ferret outside the Conservation Center, which is a building staffed by scientists who are trying to save the black-footed ferret as well as five other animal species from extinction with breeding programs. She first learned of these kinds of zoo scientists in the book, Zoo Scientists to the Rescue by Patricia Newman. This highly readable book features three scientists who work at three different American zoos and highlights their conservation work. It's a beautifully designed book full of fascinating full-color photographs of the animals as well as the scientists at work. The book focused on the ferret conservation work being done at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, but the two zoos are partners in this conservation effort.

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