Saturday, November 11, 2017

AASL17: Day 2

Day two meant an early start for me after a sort of late night on Thursday. Overdrive hosted a breakfast and I wanted to learn more about the company/ product since my principal is interested in adding digital audiobooks to our collection since so few of our students own cd players and most of the school's computers have no disc players.

I am sorry to admit that the sessions I chose to attend were not as informative as I would've liked. When I attend conference, I like to be able to bring one thing home to do in my library. The ironic thing was, the one session I bailed on because fatigue caught up with me and I had to nap or not get through the evening activity, was wonderful according to the new friend I met on the bus! Sigh.

It's not the sessions were delivered poorly; it's just that I have been to similar sessions and learned nothing new. For someone new to the topic, they were fine. 

Also, I struck out on the author signing lines, always joining just as the publisher ran out of books! Sigh.

The evening activity was a visit to the Corona Ranch for a buffet, dancing (I don't dance) and a rodeo. I always feel guilty whenever I am entertained by trained animals and I'm not sure how I feel about bucking broncos. I enjoyed the show. This place is a small, family-run business and the emcee really did his research because his jokes about librarians were hysterical. Speaking of hysterical, he also chose several from the audience to participate in a couple of events such as putting a giant pair of underwear on a calf and milking a goat. 

Can't wait for the Saturday sessions to start. Jason Reynolds is delivering the morning keynote! 

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