Sunday, November 12, 2017

AASL17 is a wrap

Well, the conference is over. There was a fairly large exodus of librarians from Phoenix yesterday. Seeing them tugging their luggage behind them as they squeezed in their last sessions before heading to the airport kind of made me regret staying the extra day in Phoenix. 

The pros: I get a day of sightseeing. I mean what's the point of traveling to a city I've never been to if not to take in some of the sights. I suppose I could skip sessions to do so, but then, what's the point of attending conference?

The cons: I don't get a day of rest before heading back to school. I pay for an extra night for the hotel. Plus, I miss my husband and my dogs.

I had a horrible night's sleep, waking every 45 minutes and then rising at 4:15 when I realized that sleep was hopeless. This does not bode well for a day of activity before leaving. Here it's nearly 6:30 and I'm ready to go back to sleep. But, I always sleep poorly the night before travel. Not that I'm the best sleeper in the best of times.

I think I'll spend the morning at the zoo. It's going to be a beautiful day and since climbing Camelback isn't in the cards (not recommended on weekends due to crowds), it's a way to be out in nature of sorts. 

If there's time before heading to the airport, I will walk the downtown area though there is absolutely no room in my suitcase for any purchases.

I still need time to process all that I experienced but feel good about the conference and happy to return to work to try out some ideas that have germinated.

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