Thursday, June 20, 2019

#tbt: Hidden Talents by David Lubar

Image: Macmillan

Hidden Talents by David Lubar. 224 p. Talents #1. TOR/ Macmillan, June, 1999. 

#tbt features Hidden Talents by David Lubar. This first part of a paranormal duology released twenty years ago. It is the story of Martin Anderson, who, having been expelled from every school he's ever attended, has reached the end of the line - Edgeview Alternative School. He finds he's even a misfit there among all the misfits. He does find a tribe and soon discovers the reason behind his and his peers inability to fit in. Each has an unusual ability. An ability that the system thinks makes them freaks. Martin sets out to prove them wrong. Lubar's strength as a writer lies in astute observation of the difficult truths of being a teen while making the reader laugh in either recognition or sympathy.

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