Thursday, June 20, 2019


So far, I am not impressed. Writing this at 12:25 AM. I left school at 3 PM and left home at 4:30. Hit traffic on the parkway immediately, then took a suggested route from Google Maps. Wrong choice!

My trip to DC was punctuated by horrendous stop and go traffic and pelting downpours. 

Once I got into Delaware...Shall I tell you about my bridge phobias? Not yet. Google Maps took me away from I95 to another route, which I followed. 310(?)/ 50. It was scenic. But, I had to drive across a bridge, which basically caused me to panic/white knuckle/ remember to breathe experience that totally freaked me out.

I learned from my ophthalmologist recently, that I am starting to have cataracts. This means that night driving can be challenging. Yeah. 

My four hour drive to DC turned into a six hour drive.

I  chose my hotel based upon availability and proximity to the convention center. Little did I know that it is a "no frills" hotel. Meaning, off site parking (a whole nother blog post) and very little, read, no amenities.  I truly hope its proximity redeems itself. 

I received a drink chit, which I truly needed after getting lost trying to find the parking, which is not well marked and has truly horrendous directions. When I settled my bill, there was a surcharge of $4, which was as "food" charge. Bogus. Not impressed so far. 

My room is weird. Just weird. 

Oh dear. I hope this is not a harbinger of ALAAC19!


  1. Oh no! I HATE driving when the directions don't make sense. And I have stayed in some pretty seedy hotels. Hope the conference is more than making up for it!

  2. Right? It wasn't that the hotel is seedy. I have come to appreciate its funky-ness. I was exhausted and surprised.