Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Teen Tuesday: Tomboy by Liz Prince

Tomboy by Liz Prince. 236 p. Zest Books, September, 2014. 9781936976553. (Own.)

Graphic novelist Liz Prince did not like "girly girl" clothes as a tween and resisted wearing anything like it. As a result, she was often teased, especially once she hit her middle school years. It's evocative, humorous and intense. While the memoir starts during her tween years, the story progresses through her teens with all the drama and language that teens are prone to use. The illustrations are black and white, something I am not used to in graphic novels. Personally, I am not a fan and found it difficult to follow who was who from time to time. Still, the subject matter is thought-provoking and Tomboy would be a great choice for any teen reader.

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