Sunday, October 21, 2018

PD: Bookfest@bankstreet2018

Bookfest has been part of my professional life for most of the twenty years I've been doing this school library gig. It was held in a ball room at the New York Public Library mostly in the fall but there were a few times it happened in February. Occasionally, it coincided with NY Comic Con and that was a parking bummer. But it was easy to get to and the venue could accommodate many hundreds fairly easily and comfortably. 

Seven or so years ago, the program moved uptown to Bank Street College. What a disaster that was! The terribly uncomfortable auditorium only holds 200. The lunch was a logistical nightmare. There are just two elevators and the book discussions were held all over the school. Now, I am a stair user so that didn't bother me; but it bothered a great many. Props to the organizers though. They listened to the feedback and learned for the following year.

Still nightmarishly uncomfortable seating in the auditorium where we spend most of the day but other issues were addressed. Still two elevators and a lack of rest rooms. But they soldiered on and I kept signing up save for a year or so when I had conflicts. 

Yesterday was fun. The panels were fascinating. The keynote was inspiring. I bought some books. I won some books. I got a nice swag bag at the end. Here are some photos of the day. It was livestreamed and now archived for viewing.

Candace Fleming and Eric Rohman
Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

Cheryl Willis Hudson and Wade Hudson.

Panel 2 was all about author visits and how great they are for students.

Lisa Von Drasek spoke about writing boxes.

Chris Lassen led a graphic novel book discussion group.

Lunch was pretty good. Then, I shopped. I use the book, And Tango Makes Three in an eighth grade unit on censorship and was thrill to be able to grab the authors for an autograph!

I won some board books in the raffle and the afternoon panel was terrific!

The final keynote was delivered by Adam Gidwitz, who asked that no one live tweet, but "be present" as he copped to being a racist and a sexist and then acknowledged his white, male privilege and vowed to do better. Very inspiring!

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  1. I wish I had known you were going to be at BookFest, I would have loved to meet you.I thought this year's BookFest was great, too.