Friday, October 19, 2018

Fact Friday: Back from the Brink: saving animals from extinction by Nancy F. Castaldo

Back from the Brink: saving animals from extinction by Nancy F. Castaldo. 168 p. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, April, 2018. 9780544953437. (Review of purchased copy.)

Three pages into this, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground as I had never known that it was President Nixon who created the Environmental Protection Agency! I honestly had no idea he was such a green president. I can't remember if I tweeted or posted my astonishment to the author. Then, one of those funny strings of coincidences happened where that factoid seemed to pop up everywhere from quiz shows to news articles. I love it when that happens.

The book just got better from there. Castaldo did a fair amount of travel to research this book that highlights the conservation efforts of scientists and citizen scientists to save seven endangered animals, whooping cranes; wolves; bald eagles; American alligators, American bison, California condors and Galapagos tortoises. This is an attractively designed, well-organized book from the lovely descriptions of landscape to cogent explanations of what happened to each species to endanger its survival to suggestions about how young readers can help. Full-color, engaging photos bring the reader up close and personal. Text boxes designed to look like notebook pages provide sidebar information. Backmatter includes plentiful sources and books to read and websites for further information.

Back from the Brink is a fine addition to STEM collections. Your fact hounds and researchers will find much to like here. 

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