Saturday, October 27, 2018

PD: SLJ Leadership Summit

I love professional development opportunities, especially when they are unique and utterly applicable to what I do. I want to be able to return to work recharged and with at least one new idea that I can implement immediately.

This is my second leadership summit. I attended my first in Nashville last year and became hooked. Links here and here and here.

I was excited that it is in Brooklyn this year and quite proud of myself for eschewing driving in and paying fifty dollars a night to house my car. My husband dropped me at the bus stop Thursday night for a 6:30 bus to the Port Authority. Turns out there was no 6:30 bus but one came at 6:42. A surprising number of people got on along the way. I listened to Property of the Rebel Librarian and finished it in my hotel room.

I caught the A train at about 8:30 and was surprised to have to stand. The subway just got more and more crowded as we travelled downtown. Who knew so many people return home so late?

My room is oddly furnished, curious use of Corian, and interesting but ineffective lighting. I slept fairly well for me.

Friday morning featured a publisher preview at Abrams. I was able to get my two school librarian friends from Georgia on the guest list and we trained three stops to lower Manhattan. Of course, we were early so we walked over to the 9/11 Memorial. St. Paul/ Trinity Church was not yet open. They were somberly impressed by the memorial. This was my third time visiting and I still had to wipe away tears. 

We loved the preview and left well fed and laden with arcs and posters. We walked the churchyard and checked out the gorgeous interior of the church. Definitely worth a visit if you're ever in NYC. 

I chose to attend the Mackin Focus Group for the afternoon. The group was led by Michelle Luhtala and the theme was "Guiding Positive Disruption in Your Learning Community." Twenty or so librarians from all over the U.S. shared challenges and things we are proud of. There was a brief discussion of AASL standards and, unfortunately, time ran out before we got to Mackin and their products that would help support our work. Note to self: stop by the booth and find out.

Later, there was an opening reception where we all mingled and networked and ran into old conference friends and met new ones. Follett had an exhibit of their book fair, so we perused that and authors were on hand to sign books.

This morning the conference proper opens.

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