Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Book Genie Wishes

This week's TTT theme over at Broke and Bookish is: 10 Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me.

Huh, I always thought that genies granted just three wishes.

1. Sherman Alexie writes a sequel/ companion to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. Oh, how I adore that book. I've read it with both my ears and eyes three or four times each - and I still cry.

I buttonholed Mr. Alexie at ALA Annual in Chicago in 2009 asking if a sequel was planned. He answered in the affirmative yet here it is six years later and there is no sequel! I'm sure he is a very busy man with more than YA on his mind. Perhaps there's even a little anxiety revisiting such an acclaimed novel. If it ain't broke...He will be making his picture book debut in 2016, however, with Yuyi Morales illustrating, no less!

Thunder Boy Jr.! Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, May, 2016. 

2. I want to visit Thisby, Maggie Stiefvater's fictional island which was the setting for another one of my favorite books, The Scorpio Races. The island was as much a character as Puck and Sean.

3. I'd like to do a literary tour; but first I'd have to read enough of the area's literature to make it well, literary.

4. I'd like my book budget at school to double (at least). I have a fairly generous budget, which I subsidize with my own money. I could very easy spend twice what I am allotted and still want more and stock the shelves with books kids will read!

5. I wish I could read faster. I'm pretty fast but if I push to read faster, I barely remember what I read.

6. I'd like a magic spell to cast on every kid who comes to me saying, "I hate to read."

7. I'd like to have an automatic allotment for at least one author visit per year, along with the time, administrative and teacher support to do so. Everyone loves author visits in theory. It's carving out the time in everyone's schedule and wrangling the money that is the hard part.

8. I would like lost and stolen library books to have a homing device that follows a beacon home to the library.

9. Book shelves that don't need dusting.

10. Enough book shelves for all my books at home.

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