Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's New? Stacking the Shelves - ALA Edition

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The Exhibit Hall is a dangerous place for the greedy. I learned my lesson a few meetings ago and now go with a list of upcoming releases I know I will read in a timely manner. Sure, I usually come home with a few extras, but there is far less guilt evoked when perusing TOM, the tbr "pile."

I shipped most of the arcs yesterday but kept these back to get into the hands of a few fans at school asap!

This one was featured in a WoW post in December:

Aces Wild by Erica S. Perl. 224 p. Random House Children's Books, June, 2013. 9780307931726.

Publisher synopsis: Zelly Fried has finally convinced her parents to let her get a dog, with the help of her grandfather Ace. Unfortunately, said dog (also named Ace) is a shoe-chewing, mud-tracking, floor-peeing kind of dog. Despite Zelly's best efforts to drag Ace (literally!) to puppy kindergarten, his flunking report card says it all: "This Ace is wild."

Also wild is the other Ace in Zelly's life. Grandpa Ace has decided to begin dating again and is dining and dancing every night, against his doctor's orders. Determined to get both Aces under control, Zelly enlists the help of her two best friends, Allison and Jeremy (despite the fact that they don't quite see eye to eye). They need to come up with a plan, fast. But how?  It's not like either Ace ever does what he's told.

The first book, When Life Gives You O.J. developed a bit of a fifth grade cult following last year. One little girl loved it so much, she kept dragging her friends in to check it out. Then, she chose it for her booktalk and did such an impressive job (she even searched out the book trailer all on her own and used it in her talk), that her teacher came to the library to check it out.

While at the HarperCollins booth, I coveted many new titles while waiting to find out if there was an arc of Period 8 by Chris Crutcher available. (Sadly, it was not) I spied this one and absolutely HAD to add it to the pile for one lively student who loves to shoot down all my suggestions during RA. 

The Fourth Stall III by Chris Rylander. 304 p. HarperCollins Publishers, February 5, 2013. 9780062120052.

I finally succeeded in interesting said student with The Fourth Stall early last school year, and he exploded back into the library asking for more like it. (Then shot down everything I suggested.) A few months later, he again burst into the library informing me that there was a sequel and asking to check it out. I hadn't known there was one, looked it up and found that it hadn't been published yet. Dejected, he left the library with slumped shoulders. When the second book did release, he again burst into the library, but I was out of money for the year and suggested that he borrow it from the public library. He ended up buying it and offered to donate his copy to the library, but ended up keeping it. I wonder if he knows that this  is due out? He's a seventh grader now and, come to think of it, I haven't seen too much of him this year. Hm-m.

That's what's new with me for now. Today, I am attending a Disney/ Hyperion, a Walden Media and a Scholastic event, so there will be more books - hopefully not more than I can read. Happy reading!


  1. My take-away from this post -- there's a new Chris Crutcher? WANT.

  2. I know! Right? I was so disappointed that there weren't any to be had:-(

    Thanks for stopping by.


  3. I haven't been to ALA for a few years, but it's a similar thing at BEA. I've worked to be careful about what I take, because it is like being a kid in a candy store. My shipping box keeps me pretty honest.

    1. Haha! That it does. The first big conference I attended was ALA Annual in Chicago about four years ago. The shipping costs added new meaning to "free" books, especially having paid big bucks on the conference and hotel. But, it's worth every penny to revel in the whole experience. The next two big conferences were NCTE and Midwinter, but they were both driving distance and hence, no shipping. Those were bad. I'm better now - hopefully more judicious. Thanks for stopping by.