Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little Brown Breakfast/ Preview

When I went to bed last night, it was early-ish Pacific time, but nearly 1:30 AM my body time. I tried to set the alarm in my hotel room because I worried that I would sleep through my 7AM date for breakfast with Little Brown. It was not an intuitive alarm clock so I fell asleep non confident that it would go off. Naturally, I awakened hourly. On this my second day in the lovely city of Seattle, I awoke at 5AM. No need for the alarm, which did go off, after I left at 6:30 in search of coffee. I found that out when I returned with a coffee for the hub, who was attempting to sleep in. Usually, he has no trouble sleeping when I'm up and about. The alarm didn't help.

It's a rainy morning here. Still mild, so I made do with a heavy sweater and set off the four blocks to the Sheraton very, very hungry. Wowsers! The spread was fine, delicious fresh fruit, eggs the way I like them, bacon cooked to perfection and books, books, books.

I always wait until the books have been described to add titles to my collection on TOM, the tbr pile. Invariably, I take more than I can honestly read, but they all sound so good! Sometimes, this strategy can backfire and there aren't any copies left when I decide to add. This happened first thing after the description of The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen. This picture book collaboration between two of the most darkly humorous talents in children's lit is due to be published in April and not to be missed!

Other picture books that appealed were:

A Long Way Away by Frank Viva, the genius who brought us (and I bought for my own personal collection) The Way Home has a story illustrated on one continous piece of art. That's due out in April as well.

Awesome Dawson by Chris Gall made me yearn for my days as a K - 8 librarian and regular read aloud times. This new book by the author of Substitue Creature is due to drop in May and looks to be a fun, zany read aloud that will gently prompt some thinking about reusing, and repurposing amoung it among its audience.

I'm a sucker for anything illustrated by Dan Santat and recognized his signature style across the room. He's illustrating a story by Samantha Berger but clearly has his finger on the pulse of the "lively boy" in all of us.

And that's just the picture books. The middle grade and young adult offerings are equally swoonworthy, but I need to get to a program and FedEx.

I will be back.

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