Monday, January 21, 2013

Diego Rivera: an artist for the people by Susan Goldman Rubin

56 P. Harry N. Abrams, February 5, 2013.  9780810984110. (Finished copy provided by publisher.)

This lovely book arrived in the mail for the regional book evaluation that I help coordinate, and I couldn't resist taking a peek before processing it for the next meeting. I hope I can grab it for my library collection.

I knew of Diego Rivera and could identify some of his art, but otherwise knew very little of him, except that he was Frida Kahlo's husband. Teehee. Do you want to know how happy writing that made me? (I must have been channeling Amy Poehler from the Emmys.) 

Okay, back to this lovely biography. It really is lovely. It's slightly oversized and square. Beautifully designed with a pleasing font and little curliques and plenty of photos. A cogent, flowing, readable narrative accompanied by lots of photos of the artist and his work. The author provides historical context within the text as well as at the end. 

Another aside: when I tried to add the entry to my Goodreads account, I couldn't find the book. It's on Goodreads as, The Life and Art of a Genial Cannibal, which just tickled me. It was  probably a good move to change the title, but it sure is attention-grabbing, isn't it?

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