Sunday, January 20, 2013

Charles Darwin by Kathleen Krull

Illustrated by Boris Kulikov. Giants of Science series. 144 p. Viking/ Penguin Group (USA) Inc., October, 2010. 9780670063352. (Purchased.)

Last year was the bicentennial of Darwin's birth and I happened to read a few biographies about him. This one was published two years earlier. How did I miss it? While I am a fan of the author, I haven't read all of the Giants of Science series, nor have I read all of her large body of work. But what I have read, I've found consistently outstanding, accessible and humorous.

This one is no exception. In 144 p. (a perfect length for a biography - makes the LA teachers happy), Ms. Krull covers Darwin's life from his idyllic childhood, through his voyage on the Beagle, his homecoming, marriage and years leading up to his finally publicizing his theories of evolution. Black & white illustrations highlight notable scenes and are frequently humorous. 

Charles Darwin was insatiably curious and loved the outdoors. These traits are valuable traits for a scientist to possess. The author provides valuable historic context for young readers but also makes connections to help them understand why his work continues to be relevant. 

The series is a must purchase. Don't skip this entry, even if you've got a couple of Darwin biographies on the shelf.


  1. A belated thank you for this lovely review, Ms. Proseandkahn!

    1. You're most welcome! Thanks for stopping by!