Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Picture Book Review: Power Up: your incredible, spectacular, supercharged body by Seth Fishman

Power Up: your incredible, spectacular, supercharged body by Seth Fishman. Illustrated by Isabel Greenberg. unpgd. Greenwillow Books/ HarperCollins Publishers, March, 2019. 9780062455796. (Review of finished copy courtesy of publicist.)

The human body is a wondrous, amazing, complex machine. Seth Fishman explains it all for the younger set with superb storytelling. Of course he appeals to the ego by telling the reader that they are a brilliant shiny star. Most elementary (and even middle school) students have a hard time believing the world does not revolve around them. So by contemplating their little finger and imagining that there's enough energy to power a city? More please. And he delivers mind-boggling comparisons about the energy the human body makes and consumes in order to function and grow. Truly awe-inspiring. Sometimes, even older folks need a bit of reminding about how fascinating human anatomy and physiology is. 

As he did in A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars, complex ideas are made accessible with simple, playful language. The appealing, colorful digital art by the same artist, adds to the fun and imaginings.

An Author's Note explains Einstein's E=MC² quite nicely but there is no other backmatter. Personally, I would've liked to have seen some sources and suggestions for further reading. Librarian's quibble.

These books are terrific additions to any library hoping to inspire budding scientists or just anyone who is curious about how the human body works. 

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