Friday, April 5, 2019

Fact Friday: Hello, I'm Here by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder

Hello, I'm Here by Helen Frost and Rick Lieder. unpgd. Candlewick Press, March 20, 2019. 9780763698584. (Review of finished copy courtesy of publisher.) 

Our Fact Friday feature proves one is never too old for picture books! Hello, I'm Here is a poem written by Helen Frost from the POV of a sandhill crane chick who is about to peck its way out of its shell. 

It is gorgeously illustrated with full-color photos by Rick Lieder chronicling the activity in the nest of a pair of parents who diligently care for their eggs. The "aw" factor increases once the chick emerges in all its fluffy cuteness. A note at the end of the book provides more information about sandhill cranes. This is a beautiful contemplation of nature and family bond. It was love at first sight, and second (those end-pages!) and third...

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