Thursday, May 10, 2018

#tbt: Hoot by Carl Hiassen

Hoot by Carl Hiassen. 292 p. Alfred A. Knopf, September, 2002. 9780375821813. (Own.)

#tbt features Hoot by Carl Hiassen. Hiassen was a successful author of books for adults and made his YA debut with Hoot in 2002. It won a 2003 Newbery Honor and was made into a film in 2005. Hoot is the story of Roy Eberhart, newly moved to Florida from Montana. He spies a strange boy running next to his school bus. He's able to see this because his face is being mushed against the window of the school bus by a bully named Dana Matheson. Roy wonders who this boy is, why he is barefoot and where he is running. This ecological mystery is engaging and hilarious.

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