Monday, October 9, 2017

SLJ Summit - Day 3

So-o tired this morning! I worked on yesterday's blog post and munched on my leftover filet mignon. Then we went to breakfast, where I did not expect this:

It was delicious. 

The breakfast keynote was Tamika Brown, School Librarian of the Year with her interesting career. But it was the panel with two superintendents that I found fairly energizing. "At the end of the day, I am a teacher first." Thomas S. Tucker, 2016 AASA National Superintendent of the Year. Earlier, he stated, "there should be sacred time devoted to independent reading every day."

Dr. Bill Chapman, superintendent from Texas: "My librarians push me every day. My librarians make reading fun."

The breakout session was with Alvin Irby who challenged me in so many ways. He was a teacher before starting a non-profit initiative to get books into the hands of black boys, called The Barbershop ...

We had a Town Hall meeting that provided me with more food for thought and some ideas to pursue. 

The closing keynote was Alvin Irby again.

Before we left, we took a trip to the Parthenon. 


We were going to have lunch before my roomies dropped me at the airport but none of us were hungry, so I decided to just get to the airport really early and work. 

I've been so used to TSA-Pre that I totally failed at the security line! Now our flight is delayed an hour with no reason given.

Sigh. Oh well. Small price to pay for a spectacular weekend of professional development.

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