Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Memes: Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher

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Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher. 343 p. Little, Brown and Company, May 17, 2016. 9780316370752.

Publisher synopsis: My name is Tess Turner--at least, that's what I've always been told.

I have a voice but it isn't mine. It used to say things so I'd fit in, to please my parents, to please my teachers. It used to tell the universe I was something I wasn't. It lied.

It never occurred to me that everyone else was lying too.

Fifteen-year-old Tess doesn't mean to become mute. At first, she's just too shocked to speak. And who wouldn't be? Discovering your whole life has been a lie because your dad isn't your real father is a pretty big deal. Terrified of the truth, Tess retreats into silence.
Reeling from her family's betrayal, Tess sets out to discover the identity of her real father. He could be anyone--even the familiar-looking teacher at her school. Tess continues to investigate, uncovering a secret that could ruin multiple lives. It all may be too much for Tess to handle, but how can she ask for help when she's forgotten how to use her voice?

First line: There must be a list on the Internet of what to buy when you're running away, but my phone is typically dead, like I swear it just passes out whenever things get stressful.

Page 56: "It can wait until Saturday morning, can't it?" Mum said when Jack was breathing down my neck to get my homework done one Friday evening. "What difference does it make?"
     "She'll feel better if she gets it out of the way."
     "Have you asked her that" Mum laughed as I half-sprawled on the sofa."She seems happy enough to me."
     "Sit up, Tess." I shuffled around at once. "And take off those ridiculous boots, will you? They're filthy. How many times do I have to tell you?"

I already ache for Tess. The voice is captivating and the writing is lovely. I've only read Ms. Pitcher's memorable debut, My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece. Somehow, I never got to Ketshup Clouds, which was renamed, Yours Truly.


  1. The cover made me think this would be funny, but the synopsis says otherwise. Hope you enjoy the story and have a great weekend.
    sherry @ fundinmental Friday Memes

  2. This does sound like an engaging story. I haven't read anything by the author. I am spotlighting Jockey Girl by Shelley Peterson - a story to win any horse lovers heart. Happy reading!

  3. I really want to read this book! I LOVED Ketchup Clouds/Yours Truly, it really good! :D
    Friday56! :)

  4. I love the teasers you shared. The author isn't a name I know but I definitely want to find out more about the book. I hope you enjoy the read.

  5. The 56 and the beginning make this sound like a must read. Strong voice, and seems nicely written. Enjoy. Here's my Friday Book Frippery

  6. Sounds like a laugh-out-loud read. I love the inane title too.
    Happy weekend!

  7. I hope you are enjoying your book.

    I like the cover..sounds a bit scary about the Internet sentence.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Book Beginnings