Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - 2016 Resolutions

This week's TTT theme over at Broke and Bookish is 2016 resolutions - blogging, reading or otherwise.

1. Read more. I have not met my GR goal of 365 books (a book a day) for the past two years. This year's goal is 366 - it's a leap year. I need to step up.

2. Blog more. I wanted to do that in 2015. In fact, I posted one fewer time in 2015 than 2014.

3. Review more. There was a time that I reviewed every book I read. Now, my review status is rather pitiful.

4. Read more YA. I've been remiss in that department.

5. Apply to review more professionally. I have been reviewing for School Library Journal for a few years now but feel the urge to try to review for other journals as well. What's stopping me? The deadlines!

6. Meditate daily. I have been toying with meditation for a while now but committed to it over this winter break. I have managed to meditate daily since Christmas Eve (even twice daily a few days). It really is calming and centering.

7. Get back to birdwatching. I haven't gone on any birding walks since April of 2012. I miss it. I have feeders and birdhouses around my home, but there is something quite invigorating about taking a walk with experienced birders.

8. Deepen my yoga practice. I have been practicing yoga for five or six years now. About two years ago, after completing chemotherapy, I committed a bit more deeply by practicing four or five times per week. This past year, I have practiced nearly daily. I have improved my flexibility and feel better.

9. Laugh more.

10. Cook more. I love to cook but sometimes, I get in a rut. 

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