Friday, January 8, 2016

ALA Midwinter - Boston Baby!

Well, I made it in spite of my darling husband. Seriously, I love him dearly and we've been married going on 31 years but he doesn't travel well. 

I taught two periods this morning and dashed out at 10:30 with the intention of hitting the road at 11. He was just heading out to run last minute errands. Sigh. An hour later and I was still waiting. Sigh. After two false starts we hit the road with the dogs. He forgot his coffee, his computer and his notes for sightseeing. SIGH! 

The coffee was remedied. He can use my computer and there's plenty to see here. We are meeting my son and his girlfriend for dinner at their favorite restaurant. Then they will tag along with me to a publisher event for Cassandra Clare at the Top of the Hub. I thought they could take in the view and either hang out or skedaddle. Turns out, Julia's a fan! She not only has good taste in men but authors as well.

We dropped the dogs to board in Connecticut. It was just a tiny detour and they'll have fun. Like camp. 

When MK researched the room I booked, he squawked because it didn't have a view. I never considered that since I head out to conference in the morning and return in the evening to face plant in my bed! But since he's sightseeing and his knee is bothering him, the upgrade is a small price to pay for his comfort. The room is fabulous! 

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