Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cover Reveal - Drift by M.K. Hutchins

Drift by M.K. Hutchins. Tu Books/ An imprint of Lee & Low Books, May, 2014. 9781620141458.

Publisher synopsis: Tenjat lives on the shores of Hell, an ocean filled with ravenous naga monsters. His island, a massive Turtle, is slowed by the people living on its back. Only those poor enough to need children to support themselves in old age condescend to the shame of marriage. Tenjat is poor as poor gets, but he has a plan. 

In the center of the island rises a giant Tree, where the Handlers—those who defend and rule the island—live. Against his sister’s wishes, Tenjat joins the Handlers. He couldn’t have picked a more dangerous time. The Turtle is nearing a coral reef where it desperately needs to feed, but the naga will swarm just before they reach it. Even novices like Tenjat are needed for the battle. 

Can Tenjat discover his sister’s secrets in time? Will the possibility of love derail all his plans for a richer, marriage-free life? Long-held secrets will at last be revealed in this breathtaking debut from M. K. Hutchins.

How gorgeous is that cover? If there weren't several other reasons for me to want to read this one, the cover would totally sell it. Other reasons I want to read this: I'm intrigued by the environmental theme; it's a debut; it's a Lee & Low book. I always root for small publishers as a rule, but Lee & Low consistently delights me with their lists. In addition to actively cultivating diversity, the stories are unique and engaging.  

Author website here.
Drift product page here.

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