Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little, Brown Librarian Web Preview

On Thursday, Victoria Stapleton hosted a preview of books that are in the Little Brown pipeline - online for the very first time. I stumbled upon an invitation to it on social media and registered for it even though I had the good luck to attend a preview at Midwinter. I was certain that there would be new titles in there to salivate over and nice reminders about what is coming. And I was right.

Actually, this post is a bit of a "take 2." I started it on Thursday night, looked at it on Friday and added to it on and off all day today. It was getting way long because I kept commenting on the books and I hadn't even gotten to the middle grade stuff. Then, I thought, "Really, folks can see for themselves." So I ruthlessly hit the delete key and started over. You don't need my peanut gallery comments. The link is here. Enjoy.

Then, share what caught your fancy in the comments below. I would like to read them all really. (Which is why this is take two.) That is all.

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