Thursday, April 8, 2021

#tbt: Merlin: the Lost Years by T. A. Barron

Happy Thursday! #tbt features Merlin: the Lost Years by T. A. Barron. This is the first book of five in the Lost Years of Merlin series. The author eventually wrote a total of twelve in what became the Merlin Saga. Merlin: the Lost Years was originally published in 1996 with the title, The Lost Years of Merlin. Mr. Barron envisioned what the youth of Merlin, the wizard from Arthurian legend, might have been. He had also originally planned a trilogy about Merlin, but said in an author visit, "Merlin wouldn't let me go after the third book. There was more to his story."

Merlin: the Lost Years is fast-paced and filled with mystery and adventure and used to be my go-to book to give to students who claimed to hate to read.

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