Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Teen Tuesday and Audiobook Review: Puddin' by Julie Murphy

Puddin' by Julie Murphy. Unabridged Audiobook on 1 MP3-CD. 11 Hours Read by Erin Mallon and Kyla Garcia. Balzer + Bray, May, 2018. 

Teen Tuesday features Puddin' by Julie Murphy. This companion to Dumplin' can potentially stand alone but it would enhance the reader's experience to have read Dumplin' first. Puddin' picks up months after Dumplin'  and is Millicent and Callie's story. The two alternate chapters to relate the events that throw them into each other's unwilling company. Both books are highly recommended for teen readers.

This was an engaging companion to Dumplin' though I must admit that Mallon's low-range voice and smooth snarkiness threw me a bit. Though it was not the way I envisioned the Millicent's voice, I grew to love her in Puddin'. This new-to-me narrator turned in a well-paced performance. Garcia, on the other hand, perfectly embodied the alpha girl Callie I heard in my head. 

The narrative bounces back and forth between the two and readers come to realize along with the characters that they are more than folks' assumptions. Commentary about body positivity is leavened with humor but is still sharp, smart and hits home. 

Puddin' is a must-read for all fans of Dumplin'! I thought I read somewhere that the story is in development for Netflix. I sure hope they do a better job adapting it than Dumplin'. While Dumplin' was entertaining if you hadn't read the book, some curious decisions were made about omitting a couple of important characters.

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