Thursday, September 20, 2018

#tbt: Redwall by Brian Jacques

Redwall by Brian Jacques. Illustrated by Troy Howell. 351 p. Philomel Books, June, 1987. 9780399214240. (Own)

#tbt features Redwall by Brian Jacques (pronounced Jakes). Jacques wrote Redwall for the special friends he had been reading to at a school for the blind. He didn't like the books and wrote his own. Redwall is the first book in the Redwall series and was published in 1986. He wrote twenty two more until his death in 2011, with the last book being published posthumously.

Redwall is an abbey where animals live in peace. Young Matthias dreams of adventure. That comes in the form of Cluny the Scourge, a huge rat with a poisonous tail. He dreams of making Redwall Abbey his own. All the characters are animals and they all have their own curious dialect, making the reading a bit difficult. Hang in there. The books are satisfying reading, especially if you enjoy animal fantasy.

My family owns the tenth anniversary edition. I love the cover of this one.

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  1. My son loved these books. We have a few in hardcover. I read the first six and I know my son read several more, but I don't remember how many. Thanks for sharing your memory. 🐭