Monday, September 24, 2018

Middle Grade Monday and Review: Revenge of the Teacher's Pets by Jennifer Ziegler

Revenge of the Teacher's Pets by Jennifer Ziegler. Brewster Triplets #4. 256 p. Scholastic Inc., June, 2018. 9781338081236. (Review from finished copy courtesy of publisher.)

The Brewster sisters are all set to start seventh grade with a splash until their schedules come and they discover that they have different schedules. The only class they have together is their elective and they are upset to find that they are in cheer instead of color guard. Seems that one of them were swayed by the snacks instead of devotion to color guard! They beg their principal to change their schedule but he suggests that it might be good for them to have differing schedules.

As with all the Brewster triplet books, the POV shifts between the painfully shy Darby, hyperactive Delaney and bossy Dawn as they negotiate middle school without being attached at the hip. Dawn's plans always seem to backfire and Darby and Delaney discover some new friends away from Dawn's constant direction.

It was such fun watching these girls grow up. This series is fun, frequently laugh-out-loud funny and oh so true in so many sisterly ways.

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