Monday, June 25, 2018

Middle Grade Monday and arc review: She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah,Yeah by Ann Hood

She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah,Yeah by Ann Hood. 256 p Penguin Young Readers Group, June 26, 2018. 9781524785116. (Review from arc received courtesy of publisher.)

I nearly forgot about Middle Grade Monday! Oops!
She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Ann Hood is a historical fiction and a love letter to the Beatles. It's 1966 and life is good for Trudy Mixer. She has a best friend, everyone calls her Trudy instead of her hated given name, Gertrude and, most importantly, she is the founding member and president of the Beatles fan club at her school. But, when she returns after break, she learns that her favorite teacher has taken a leave and his sub insists on calling her Gertrude. Her best friend has not only drifted away but thinks the fan club is stupid. It seems others feel the same because when she convenes her club, she finds that only two people remain - the least popular kids at her school! On top of that, her father is becoming distant and she feels that she has let him down. When she learns that the Beatles will be playing a concert in Boston, Trudy sets her sights on going to it and trying to speak with her fave Beatle, Paul McCartney. If she can accomplish this, all will be right with the world.
This lovingly crafted homage to the Beatlemania that swept the nation in the 1960s gives readers a glimpse into the turbulence of that era and just how cultural seismic these four lads from Liverpool were. Trudy is at turns endearing, clueless and impulsive. Readers will relate to her as she tries to navigate the shifts in her life. They may not share the faith that Paul will fix all, but they will enjoy the ride. 

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