Friday, June 1, 2018

Day of Dialog: Best PD Ever!

I am recovering from the marathon day I had Thursday; but I feel as happy and satisfied as I am exhausted. I boarded a bus into New York City shortly after 7AM and returned to the bus stop at 11:06 PM. Unfortunately, my husband had his phone turned low and missed my texts to come pick me up so I ended up walking most of the way home. 

SLJ has had a Day of Dialog the day before Book Expo for the past seven or so years. It always occurred on the day before the seventh grade overnight trip to Boston, a trip I typically chaperoned, so I never went. One year, I didn't go to Boston but didn't know that you had to register immediately for DoDand so, was shut out. Last year, was my first DoD. I am hooked. I love all my professional development. This day is close to my favorite day because it combines interesting keynotes, author panels and book talks from tons of publishers. 

Last year I lucked into an invitation to a dinner sponsored by a group of publishers that extended the day but introduced me to six new authors and their books. I got invited again this year and also extended the evening with an invitation from Scholastic to celebrate twenty years of Harry Potter.

As I mentioned earlier, my phone battery has been dying quickly so I scrimped on picture taking. 

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