Monday, June 6, 2016

Non-Fiction Monday: Everything Robotics by Jennifer Swanson

National Geographic Kids: Everything Robotics: all the robotic photos, facts and fun! by Jennifer Swanson. National Geographic Kids Everything series. 64 p. National Geographic, March, 2016. 9781426323324. (Review from purchased copy)

Oh, how I wish I had this back in the fall as I began "teaching" my school's very first robotics classes! STEM (though I prefer STEAM) is all the rage now and robotics is just plan fun. So is this book. Everything Robotics is absolutely a first purchase even if your school doesn't have a robotics course or club. 

The bright yellow cover featuring a trumpet-playing white, vaguely Star Wars Stormtrooper-ish robot on the front and an "Ew!" inducing robot head stripped down to it's parts save the eyes and a pair of dentures, just screams, "You NEED to read me NOW!

Not only are there plenty of full-page, double-page and three-quarter-page spreads featuring crisp, full-color robots at work and play, but there are plenty of facts crammed into four chapters - Robots Rule!; Artificial Life; Robo-Helpers; and Fun with Robots. The field of robotics is exciting and cutting edge. The photos and information in this book convey that excitement. The information is well-organized, interesting and accessible.

There's a fun, "interactive" glossary (with page numbers provided as hints to the answers) as well as a "Find Out More" section with places to visit, books to read, movies to watch and websites. I have just put the MIT museum on my list for my next trip to Boston.

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