Sunday, June 26, 2016

ALA Annual Conference 2016

So I've been in Orlando since Thursday and already ALAAC16 is a blur. I really should blog as I go but I am terrible at taking notes and try to be present in the moment as much as possible. 

I arrived ridiculously early on Thursday. I had originally booked my hotel for Friday to Tuesday but, by the time I got around to booking my flight, I couldn't find one to get me in to Orlando in time. So I had to arrive a day early. By that time, I couldn't get convention rates for my room. No matter. I am here!

I got into my room early. Grabbed a quick nap and headed to Universal Studios where I spent three or so hours at SeaWorld.

These were the first ducks I encountered on my trek.

Of course, I am also interested in texture:

I have a triptych of succulents from my trip to Albuquerque seven or eight years ago. I may need to make a new one to add to my collection. These are intriguing.  

Of course, flamingos are always amazing.

For some reason, this guy
reminded me of this guy

Seaworld was fun. I recommend visiting it.

On Friday, I had the entire day until exhibits opened at 5:30. I opted for a trip to Universal Studios and cabbed over there in time for the park's opening. Of course, I beelined to Diagon Alley where I spent a blissful three or four hours.

I purchased a Hermoine wand (non-interactive) among other things. The place is truly enchanting; kind of makes me want to reread the entire series all over again (for the third time).

Having now idea what I was in for, I wandered into the Escape from Gringotts line. It was rather long. After committing, I realized that I missed the warnings about motion sickness and back problems. 

Thank goodness it was short. It was fantastic! I wish my inner ear was not such a traitor to my body.

I had a delicious lunch in The Leaky Cauldron. I am sorry that I did not take any pics but highly recommend the fish and chips.

I spent entirely too much money and had a high old time. 

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