Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's on Hold at Your Library?

I am very happy to put items on hold for my students. I don't have an actual "Hold Shelf," because I deliver the books as the hold notification pops up since I have a flexible schedule and don't see students with predictable regularity. Thus, I have been unable to participate in the "What's on Your Hold Shelf" meme hosted by Travis Jonker, of 100 Scope Notes and John Schumacher of Watch. Connect. Read., aka, Mr.SchuReads.

Today, possibly due to the full moon or a strange alignment of the stars, I had a stack of three holds to deliver and two unique situations. So I put them on the shelf behind my desk where I usually keep the books I'm cataloging, and snapped this:
Hooray! My "Hold Shelf." The three books on the right, The Last Olympian; Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane; and 11 Birthdays, were traditional holds in that a student requested the title while it was checked out to another. The Ask and the Answer is my own personal copy. An eighth grader checked out The Knife of Never Letting Go recently, loved it and asked for the sequel when he returned Knife yesterday. I hadn't bought the sequel for my library even though I loved them and had the trilogy in my personal library. It just didn't go out that much despite book talk love. And finally, The Name of This Book is Secret got a Post-It Note slapped on it before it was even cataloged when a sixth grader spied it on my desk and begged for it.

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