Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Calling all Okay for Now fans!

I received an email the other day from Clarion with the news that Gary D. Schmidt's book, Okay for Now, has been chosen by NPR as a "Backseat Bookclub" selection at the end of February. Woo-who! Loved Okay for Now and was so disappointed that it didn't get any Newbery love last year. (It was a National Book Award finalist, and the audio version won an Odyssey Honor) Also love NPR, though I have to say I don't listen much since I keep an audiobook going at all times in my car. 

I will most certainly take a listen to the broadcast. Here's a link supplied by the publisher to submit questions. The email also noted that the book is being released in paperback and sports a brand new cover.
It's cool. I like it. I can just hear Doug saying, "Terrific." I like it more than the paperback cover of The Wednesday Wars, 

which was a huge improvement over the hardcover art. Yuck!

My beef with WW ppb cover has to do with the red Cons. I don't believe that they were available in colors in the late sixties, but I could be wrong. Additionally, I don't think many boys then or now would choose to wear red Cons. But, I could be wrong about that too.

I adored both books. Read them if you haven't yet.

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