Friday, September 20, 2019

Conference Time!

Image: SLJ
This is my third SLJ Leadership Summit and I am so hooked on this PD! I took a personal day today in order to have a stress-free, leisurely drive down after the morning rush hour instead of smack dab in the evening one! Plus, driving at night and me? Not so fun!

I took a walk around the neighborhood and found Edgar Allan Poe's grave. No self-respecting librarian would visit Baltimore and not stop here! It was such an interesting place! I took tons of pictures of all manner of interment, from headstone to obelisk to mausoleum and I think I spied some catacombs through an opaque window. 

I will post pix later. I took my school computer and can't remember my FB password to get the pix downloaded!

I used to have such a great sense of direction. The cemetery was a short walk from the hotel and I managed to get lost returning. The day was gorgeous but I was tired and need to finish reading a book to review, so I sat in the lounge, had a beer and read. I adore this book!

This evening's activities include an opening reception and a dinner with a vendor. I am looking forward to an excellent weekend. 

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