Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Waiting on Wednesday: Allies by Alan Gratz

Allies by Alan Gratz. 336 p. Scholastic Inc., October 15, 2019. 9781338245721.

Publisher synopsis: June 6, 1944: The Nazis are terrorizing Europe on their evil quest to conquer the world. The only way to stop them? The biggest, most top-secret operation ever, with the Allied nations coming together -- by land, sea, and air -- to storm German-occupied France.
Welcome to D-Day.

Dee Carpenter, a young U.S. soldier, is on a boat racing toward the French coast. Dee -- along with his brothers-in-arms -- is terrified. He feels the weight of World War II on his shoulders.

But Dee is not alone. Behind enemy lines in France, a girl named Samira works as a spy, trying to sabotage the German army -- and find her mother. At the same time, a paratrooper named James leaps from a plane to take part in a daring midnight raid. During the beach invasion, Henry, a medic, goes out into the bullets and bombs, searching for soldiers to save.

In a breathtaking race against time, each of them must fight to complete their high-stakes missions. But with betrayals and deadly risks at every turn, can the Allies do what it takes to win?

When a student tells me they don't like historical fiction, I tell them they NEED to read Alan Gratz. Gratz is a TMS favorite. I just can't keep his books on the shelf. Good problem to have. 

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