Thursday, August 23, 2018

#tbt: The Squire's Tale by Gerald Morris

The Squire's Tale by Gerald Morris. 224 p. The Squire's Tales #1. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, April, 1998. 9780395869598. (own)

I am a fan of retellings, especially King Arthur retellings. #tbt features The Squire's Tale by Gerald Morris. This is book one in the aptly named, The Squire's Tales series. Fourteen-year-old Terrence lives in the woods with a hermit who can see the future but is unable to tell Terrence anything about his past. It is rumored that Terrence was born of fairy folk. Gawain, King Arthur's nephew comes upon Terrence and, needing a squire, offers to take Terrence along on his adventures. Morris tells the story of Gawain, a minor character from Arthurian legend from Terrence's point of view, so while much of the story may be familiar, there are twists as well as plenty of action and humor. The Squire's Tale was originally published in 1998 and Morris wrote nine more books in the series ending in 2010 with The Legend of the King.

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