Thursday, March 8, 2018

#tbt: Good Enough by Paula Yoo

Good Enough by Paula Yoo. 336p. HarperTeen/ HarperCollins Publishers, February, 2008. 9780060790899. (Own.)

Patty's parents expect only one thing from her - to be a PKD, or Perfect Korean Daughter. In order to become a PKD, Patty must ace the SAT, get into either Harvard, Yale or Princeton, preferably all three, and she shouldn't talk to boys. Scoring less than a 2300 on the SAT and not earning first chair in the All-State Orchestra is simply not good enough for Patty's parents. Patty's feeling the stress but pretty much on board until she realizes that she won't win first chair and "Cute Trumpet Boy" moves to town and joins the orchestra. Hanging out with him is kind of fun even if he just wants friendship. And, maybe Patty would rather go to Juilliard instead of Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Patty's humor helps her cope and makes her an endearing narrator as readers root for her to follow her heart.

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