Sunday, December 17, 2017

This and That: Husbandly Projects

This post has nothing to do with children's literature. I just want to share. Much to the surprise of many, my husband retired from his surgery practice three years ago. Our friends and acquaintances often ask how he's keeping busy. My response is always, "Projects! Projects! Projects! He's always in the middle of or planning a project."

Here is a gallery of some of his creations from the last year - all original designs and many made with repurposed wood and stone. Additionally, he designed and supervised three renovations in our home - the family room, the kitchen and two bedrooms. 

Shed 1 was built near the garage to store snow tires and MK's collection of wood. Notice how it's custom-built into the hill and has a variety of doors with custom latches.

Shed 2 is on the south side of the property: this was a kit that Mark decided to modify and make twice its size. He decided to install skylights in the roof and a solar light. The only problem with the solar light is it's on the side that faces north, so it sort of peters out early.

New Bed!

Our bed: once the bedroom renovation was done, he got right to work on the new bed. It is so heavy that it had to be brought up in pieces and assembled in the room. Then the end-tables were designed and added. I hope we never have to move!

The bed in progress:

Of course, his design consultants are never too far away and always hoping for a snack.

When #4 son, Kerrey mentioned that his apartment gets cold in the winter and the door from the kitchen to the deck seemed to be part of the problem, MK designed and built a storm door.

He made two benches with some big chunks of tree trunk.

Under the watchful eyes of the security detail:

Not content with Sheds 1 & 2, he had to build Shed 3:

Our bedroom renovations involved knocking out the ceilings to make cathedral ceilings in our bedroom and MK's study.

His Jeep gets quite the workout:

Happy holidays!

ETA: these he found on his phone and stuffed my in-box with!

He decided to cover our bedroom closets and doors with cedar to match the cedar on the cathedral ceiling.

He repurposed a rusted out wheelbarrow with cedar and made a doormat of of cedar as well.

Our family room was "too dark" so he bumped out four feet. Well, he hired someone to do it and resurfaced our stone wall. Then built some tables.


A custom made chair he donated to Hamilton College.

Here's a dining room table he designed and built for 4th son.

Here's a shot of our "new" kitchen and some shelves he added.

Not one, but two mailboxes - long story about two dogs and the mailman.

Here's a rocking chair he repaired and refinished.

And, this is what to do with old skis, snowboards and skateboards.

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