Monday, August 14, 2017

The Daily Booktalk: Middle Grade Monday: Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice by Mike Maihack

Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice by Mike Maihack. 176 p. Cleopatra in Space series #1. Scholastic, Inc. February, 2014. 9780545528436.

Happy Monday Summer Readers! Counting down the Mondays till school starts again! I recently read the second installment of the Cleopatra in Space series, Secret of the Time Tablets, by Mike Maihack and thought I'd highlight the first here. There are four books out so far of a planned five.

When tween-age Cleopatra finds herself transported into the distant future, she learns that there's a prophecy that she will be the savior of galaxy. Say what? When Cleopatra decides to ditch her tutor to explore some ruins with her best friend, she never expects to be transported to the future! Once there, she soon realizes that she cannot escape algebra even though she loves target practice with lasers - they are much cooler than her slingshot.

The art is zingy and there's plenty of action and humor in this space fantasy. 

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