Saturday, April 29, 2017

What's New? Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Hop on over there to ogle what other bloggers got this week.

For review:

The Ultimate Guide to Gardening: Grow Your Own Indoor, Vegetable, Fairy, and Other Great Gardens by Lisa J. Amstutz. 112 p. Craft It Yourself series. Capstone Young Readers, April, 2017. 9781623706494. 

Publisher synopsis: It's your turn to grow something just for you! The Ultimate Guide to Gardening is perfect for newbie gardens. This book is full of many types of gardens. Step-by-step instructions ensure everyone has a green thumb. Whether you want to grow a garden that's edible or something truly creative, you will find inspiration inside these pages.


A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. 240 p. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, October, 2005. 9780316058254.

Publisher synopsis: Mia Winchell has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person can see sounds, smell colors, or taste shapes. Forced to reveal her condition, she must look to herself to develop an understanding and appreciation of her gift in this coming-of-age novel.

I bought this to replace the one that was lost/ stolen from my library. My jobber doesn't have it in hardcover, so it'll be another donation to my school library.

The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic by Allan Wolf. Unabridged Audiobook on One MP3-CD. 10 hours; 11 minutes. Performed by Michael Page, Phil Gigante, Christophe Lane, Laurel Merlington and Angela Dawe. Candlewick on Brilliance Audio, 

Publisher synopsis: Arrogance and innocence, hubris and hope--twenty-four haunting voices of the Titanic tragedy, as well as the iceberg itself, are evoked in a stunning tour de force.
Millionaire John Jacob Astor hopes to bring home his pregnant teen bride with a minimum of media scandal. A beautiful Lebanese refugee, on her way to family in Florida, discovers the first stirrings of love. And an ancient iceberg glides south, anticipating its fateful encounter. The voices in this remarkable re-creation of the Titanic disaster span classes and stations, from Margaret ("the unsinkable Molly") Brown to the captain who went down with his ship; from the lookout and wireless men to a young boy in search of dragons and a gambler in search of marks. Slipping in telegraphs, undertaker's reports, and other records, poet Allan Wolf offers a breathtaking, intimate glimpse at the lives behind the tragedy, told with clear-eyed compassion and astounding emotional power.

This will be a reread for me. I read it with my eyes when it originally published. 

That's what's new with me. What's new with you?

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  1. I've had A Mango Shaped Space for ever and haven't gotten around to reading it, maybe I need to give it another try.