Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday: Cyclone by Doreen Cronin

 I learned about this courtesy of Travis Jonker @ 100 Scope Notes last week.

Cyclone by Doreen Cronin. 256 p. Atheneum/ Caitlyn Dlouhy Books, May 16, 2017. 9781481435253.

Publisher synopsis: Nora’s whole world plummets faster than the Cyclone roller coaster when her cousin Riley falls into a coma that Nora thinks is her fault in this warm, big-hearted debut middle grade novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author, Doreen Cronin.

The F-bomb. That’s the last thing that Nora hears her cousin Riley say before she falls to the ground in front of the Coney Island roller coaster, Cyclone. Nora had begged and dragged Riley onto the ride, and no matter what the doctors say, that Riley was diabetic, that it could have happened at any time, Nora knows it was her fault. And as Riley comes out of her coma, she’s not really Riley at all. The cousin who used to be loud and funny and unafraid now can’t talk, let alone go to the bathroom by herself. No, she’s only 10% Riley. Nora, guilt gnawing at her, thinks she knows how to help, how to get Riley back to her 100% self. But what Nora doesn’t realize is that the guilt will only get worse as Riley’s recovery progresses and she starts to remember the very thing that Nora feels so guilty about.

I just adore Cronin's work. Her picture book, Diary of a Worm is just a hoot. So are the books featuring Farmer Brown's rambunctious livestock.Then there's the J.J. Tully series beginning with The Trouble with Chickens. And now, she's moving up to middle grade fiction with Cyclone.

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