Sunday, December 20, 2015

Picture book review: I am Yoga by Susan Verde

I am Yoga by Susan Verde. Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. 32 p. Harry N. Abrams Inc., September, 2015. 9781419716645. (Purchased)

A young girl turns to yoga when she feels overwhelmed, small, out of place and out of step. She finds stillness in body and mind. She slows her breathing. She closes her eyes and imagines herself a mountain, a tree, an airplane, a star, the moon, a boat, a camel, an eagle, a playful dog, all kinds of warriors, a flower, bow, a baby and a corpse.

The illustrations are energetic yet centering. Colorful yet peaceful. The soothing text is in the first person as this little girl self-regulates through a series of asanas. An author's note follows along with two pages of each pose explained. 

I am all for introducing yoga to a young audience. Our children are subjected to so much in this hectic world, stress being in the forefront. Any book that brings the centering that yoga offers to a young audience is a winner in my book. 

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