Saturday, November 7, 2015

About That Goal: AASL Conference and other excuses

Um, so yeah, in honor of Picture Book Month, I intended on reading and blogging about a picture book a day. And I did great until November 3. November 4th was a wild day at school, followed by some more wildness at home. Why do I always leave packing till the last minute? That, and I tried to load my relatively new iPhone with audiobooks for my trip.

On November 5, I woke early after a short and horrible night's sleep to travel to Columbus, Ohio for the American Association of School Librarians semi-annual conference. This is my first time and I was pretty psyched. Still am, each day has been jam packed, exhausting and useful. Unfortunately, I've had little time or energy for reading or blogging. I did take copious notes to refer to if and when I got around to blogging. Then I managed to delete them and now have to devote some time to recovering them.

So, Picture Book Month celebration is going on without me. I will try to catch up. Happy Picture Book Month! Have you read one today?

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