Saturday, June 27, 2015

What's New? Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Hop on over there to ogle what other bloggers got this week.

Reviewing for SLJ:

VIP: I'm with the Band by Jen Calonita. Illustrated by Kristin Gudsnuk. VIP series #1. 336 p. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, December 1, 2015. 978.0316259729.

Publisher synopsis: Twelve-year-old Mackenzie "Mac" Lowell's dreams have come true. Thanks to her mom scoring the coolest job EVER, Mac is going from boy band fanatic to official tour member of her favorite group, Perfect Storm. Good thing she's brought along her journal so she can record every moment, every breath, and every one of lead singer Zander Welling's killer smiles in written detail and daydreamy doodles.
But between a zillion tour stops and pranks gone wrong, Zander and his fellow band members, Heath Holland and Kyle Beyer, become more like brothers to Mac. When the boys' differences start to drive them apart, can Perfect Storm's biggest fan remind them why they'reperfect together? It'll be up to Mac--and her comic-book alter ego, Mac Attack--to keep the band together and on the road to stardom
Chronicling her experiences on tour, Mac's journal springs to life with black-and-white illustrations and comic-book panels throughout its pages.

Seven Dead Pirates by Linda Bailey. 304 p. Tundra, September 8, 2015. 9781770498150.

Publisher synopsis: Lewis Dearborn is a lonely, anxious, "terminally shy" boy of eleven when his great-grandfather passes away and leaves Lewis's family with his decaying seaside mansion. Lewis is initially delighted with his new bedroom, a secluded tower in a remote part of the house. Then he discovers that it's already occupied — by the ghosts of seven dead pirates. Worse, the ghosts expect him to help them re-take their ship, now restored and on display in a local museum, so they can make their way to Libertalia, a legendary pirate utopia. The only problem is that this motley crew hasn't left the house in almost two hundred years and is terrified of going outside. As Lewis warily sets out to assist his new roommates — a raucous, unruly bunch who exhibit a strange delight in thrift-store fashions and a thirst for storybooks — he begins to open himself to the possibilities of friendship, passion and joie de vivre and finds the courage to speak up.

The Secrets to Ruling the School by Neil Swaab. Max Corrigan Series #1. 204 p. Abrams/ Amulet Books, September 1, 2015. 9780553556285.

Publisher synopsis: It’s the first week of middle school, i.e., the Worst Place in the Entire World. How do you survive in a place where there are tough kids twice your size, sadistic teachers, and restrictions that make jail look like a five-star resort? Easy: with the help of Max Corrigan, middle school “expert” and life coach. Let Max teach you how to win over not just one, but all of the groups in school, from the Preps to the Band Geeks. Along the way, Max offers surefire advice and revealing tips on how to get through universal middle school experiences like gym class, detention, faking sick, dealing with jocks and bullies, and acing exams (without getting caught cheating).
In an innovative format that is part narrative and part how-to, acclaimed illustrator Neil Swaab has created a hilarious new reading experience that is reminiscent of video games and sure to engage even the most reluctant reader.

Purchased: Yeah. I'm drowning in books but still need more. Plus, I prescheduled this earlier this week since I'm at ALA Annual from Thursday through Monday. I'm sure I will find a few more to add to the ridiculous tbr mountain.

The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen. 368 p. HarperTeen/ HarperCollins Publishers, June, 2015. 9780062281364.

Publisher synopsis: Don't get mad, get even! In this poignant and hilarious novel, Rachael Allen brilliantly explores the nuances of high school hierarchies, the traumas sustained on the path to finding true love, and the joy of discovering a friend where you least expect.
In the small town of Ranburne, high school football rules and the players are treated like kings. How they treat the girls they go to school with? That's a completely different story. Liv, Peyton, Melanie Jane, and Ana each have their own reason for wanting to teach the team a lesson—but it's only when circumstances bring them together that they come up with the plan to steal the one thing the boys hold sacred. All they have to do is beat them at their own game.
I can't remember where I read about this, but it looks like a fun sort of beach read. It kind of reminded me of Kody Keplinger's Shutout.

We are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen. Unabridged audiobook on 5 compact discs. Read by Jesse Bernstein and Jorjeana Marie. Penguin Random House/ Listening Library, May, 2015. 9780553556285.

Publisher synopsis: Thirteen-year-old Stewart is academically brilliant but socially clueless.
Fourteen-year-old Ashley is the undisputed “It” girl in her class, but her grades stink.
Their worlds are about to collide when Stewart and his dad move in with Ashley and her mom. Stewart is trying to be 89.9 percent happy about it, but Ashley is 110 percent horrified. She already has to hide the real reason her dad moved out; “Spewart” could further threaten her position at the top of the social ladder.
They are complete opposites. And yet, they have one thing in common: they—like everyone else—are made of molecules.

I loved The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen. This one sounds brilliant.

Flunked by Jen Calonita. 244 p. Fairy Tale Reform School #1. Sourcebooks/ Jabberwocky, March, 2015. 9781492601562.

Publisher synopsis: Flunked is an exciting new twisted fairy tale from the award-winning author of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series. "Charming fairy-tale fun." -Sarah Mlynowski, author of the New York Times bestselling Whatever After series.
Gilly wouldn't call herself wicked, exactly...but when you have five little brothers and sisters and live in a run-down boot, you have to get creative to make ends meet. Gilly's a pretty good thief (if she does say so herself).
Until she gets caught.
Gilly's sentenced to three months at Fairy Tale Reform School where all of the teachers are former (super-scary) villains like the Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen, and Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother. Harsh. But when she meets fellow students Jax and Kayla, she learns there's more to this school than its heroic mission. There's a battle brewing and Gilly has to wonder: can a villain really change?
I happen to enjoy fractured fairy tales myself, but I also have a student who reads voraciously and loves them as well. 
That's what's new with me. What's new with you?


  1. Great haul this week. I have been seeing so many great reviews for The Revenge Playbook, so now I am really excited to read that one myself. I hope you enjoy all of your books :) Here's my STS.

  2. I really enjoyed The Revenge Playbook and yes, I did kind of remind me of Shut Out. Happy Reading! <3

  3. I haven't read any of these but "Flunked" looks cute. Happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  4. Interesting books -- I really like the looks of Flunked. Hope you enjoy them all.

  5. Great haul this week! I really want to check out The Revenge Playbook. Flunked is an awesome read!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian