Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's New? Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews. Pop over there to share your books and ogle what other bloggers got.

Bought: (bad Brenda busts the budget)

Zits: Chillax by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. 241 p. HarperTeen/ HarperCollins Publishers, May, 2013. 9780062228512. 

Publisher synopsis: Jeremy Duncan, high school sophomore and future rock god, offers up a comedic outlook on teenage life, including school, parents, chores, bands, and friends.
Jeremy and his best friend, Hector Garcia, are planning to achieve a lifelong dream…going to a rock concert! Without parental supervision. But the Gingivitis concert falls on the same night their friend Tim is donating bone marrow for his mom, a cancer patient. Not a problem: Jeremy and Hector are determined to go to the show…for Tim.

Splintered by A. G. Howard. Unabridged audiobook on 10 compact discs, 12.5 hours. Read by Rebecca Gibel. AudioGo, May 28, 2013. 9781620647257.

I've already read this intriguing debut, but read a review of the audio on The Starry-Eyed Revu and knew I needed to reread with my ears. Maybe not soon, but definitely rereading. Especially since the sequel, Unhinged, (need to feature in a WoW) is due to drop in January. So excited for that as well.

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina. Unabridged audiobook on 1 MP3-CD, 6 hours, 50 minutes. Read by Roxanne Hernandez. Candlewick on Brilliance Audio, March, 2013. 9781469275208.

Publisher synopsis: That’s what some girl tells Piddy Sanchez one morning before school. Too bad Piddy doesn’t even know who Yaqui Delgado is, let alone what she’s done to piss her off. All Piddy knows is that Yaqui hates her — and she better watch her back because Yaqui isn’t kidding around.
At first Piddy just focuses on trying to find out more about the father she’s never met and how to balance honors courses with her weekend job at the neighborhood hair salon. But as the harassment escalates, avoiding Yaqui and her gang starts to take over Piddy’s life. Is there any way for Piddy to survive without closing herself off and running away from her problems?
In this poignant and all-too-realistic story from award-winning author Meg Medina, Piddy is forced to decide exactly who she is versus who others are trying to make her become — and ultimately discovers a rhythm that is all her own.

I'm with Stupid by Geoff Herbach. 309 p. Sourcebooks, May 7, 2013. 9781402277917.
Publisher synopsis: It's nerd-turned-jock Felton Reinstein's last year before college, and the choices he makes now will affect the rest of his life. That's a lot of pressure. So, he's going to make a list. What would he be if he weren't a jock? He'll try everything—comedian, partier, super student—and which ever identity he likes best he'll stick with. Poof. Stress gone.
Except not... Because the list leads to:
1. The whole state of Wisconsin hating him.
2. His track coach suspending him.
3. His mom moving out.
Before leaving home forever, Felton will have to figure out just who he is, even if, sometimes, it sucks to be him.
If you have yet read Stupid Fast and Nothing Special, please do so. Felton Reinstein lives in a special place in my heart. 
So that's what's new with me. What's new with you?

While you're enjoying this Memorial Day weekend, please take some time to be grateful for the sacrifices made by the men and women in our military.

Happy reading!


  1. I'm hoping to get to Splintered soon, it sounds awesome. Hope you enjoy

  2. Ooo, I love re-reading with my ears!! Audiobooks are awesome. :) I still haven't read Splintered, but I do want to. And I never get sick of looking at that cover. Sooo pretty!

    Happy reading :)

  3. The covers in the Splintered series look great. Love the second one even more than the first. Enjoy reading!

    My Mailbox.

  4. Did love Chillax, and should definitely pick up the new Herbach title, since Stupid Fast was really good!

  5. Splintered and Unhinged look really good. Happy Reading!
    Here are my newest additions from last week.