Monday, January 23, 2017

ALAMW17 - Day 3 - Notable Books Discussion

I always love sitting in on Notable Books discussions. They show slides featuring the covers of the books under discussion and speak into mics so that their thoughtful appraisal of each book can be heard. Unlike the BFYA list, I have read or own most of the non-picture book titles in my library. We own a fair number of the picture book titles because #nevertoooldforpicturebooks. 

These books are supposed to be featuring 60 of the "best of the best," so the committee can sometimes sound a bit nit-picky. In some ways, I like the work of this committee over single award committees because more than one brilliant work can be spotlit. Spotlighted? 

This committee works past the announcements of the YMA since they incorporate the winners into their list. If it's already a title under consideration, great. If not, room is made for surprises.

I regret not having the time to trot up the hill and down the hill to the Hilton to sit in on Notable Recordings. 

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