Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ALAMW17 - Day 3 - Disney Preview

The Disney previews are always fun. Dina Sherman, a former school librarian, loves story-time and story-time is what attendees get. Sometimes, usually at Annual, it is the actual authors who read, but the editorial staff step up at midwinter and entertain. 

I am particularly excited for Elizabeth Wein's newest, The Pearl Thief, due out in May. Code Name Verity remains strong on my list of all-time favorite reads. It is a book I have reread at least twice and would do so again were I not so backlogged with reading. This is a prequel of sorts to Code Name Verity. We revisit Verity as fifteen-year-old Julia Beaufort-Stuart, who has just landed in the hospital after an accident that might not have been an accident.

Gum Girl returns in June with book two: Gum Luck. Keeping her superpowers secret is hard work! Plus, she may have a cavity! Oh no!

On April 4, Bruce makes a cameo appearance in Be Quiet! by Ryan T. Higgins. This go round, it's time for the three squatting mice from Hotel Bruce to star. Rupert is planning a sophisticated wordless book only his two sidekicks can't keep quiet. Hilarity ensues.

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7 Ate 9 by Tara Lazar is due on May 16. Get your best "Just the facts, ma'am," voice on for this numerical whodunit and just try to keep a straight face!

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