Sunday, January 22, 2017

ALAMW17 - Day 3 - BFYA

Woke up rather early on this cloudy, dreary day in Atlanta.

My view from my hotel room Saturday afternoon: 

My view this morning:

I had only two appointments on tap. So I decided to head over to the convention center and drop in on the Best Fiction for Young Adults session.

I'm an arrive-around-ten-minutes-early kind of gal so when I showed up at the room where the BFYA committee was supposed to meet at 8:15 for what was in my scheduler and on the poster an 8:30 start, I was a bit dismayed. Luckily, I brought my laptop so I sat and worked on a blog post. Committee members started drifting in and I was informed that they decided to push the start time back. I replied that it would've been nice to have posted a note on the session poster. Oh well.

Once they started the discussion (ten minutes late), I noticed how inhospitable the entire set-up is. Used to be, I dropped in on these discussion meetings and there was a projector set up showing the cover of the book, so you knew where the conversation was; there were microphones so that the audience could actually hear the discussion; AND there was a moment set aside to invite brief audience comment. While I am grateful that this is an open meeting, it is not as open and welcoming as it could be, as it has in the past.

I was sorry that I couldn't attend the teen feedback session yesterday afternoon. That's always refreshing. Late yesterday, I attended the first straw poll and that was illuminating. Quite a few of my favorites of 2016 did quite well. Here's hoping. 

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