Monday, January 18, 2016

Non-Fiction Monday: Glow by W. H. Beck

Glow by W. H. Beck. 32 p. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, December, 2015. 9780544416666. (Borrowed from the public library)

I zipped across the street to the public library from work at lunch time recently to pick up a novel I was considering for a read aloud. As I zig-zagged through the shelves toward the juvenile fiction section, I spied this cover on the "New Books" shelf. Now that's an eye-catching cover! Once I snagged the book I needed, I grabbed the book I wanted and decided to postpone beginning my read aloud to share Glow with my students.

My small group was instantly intrigued. Their attention grabbed by the dramatic photos set on a black background. Sometimes, they want to rush through books. Not so this one. They pored over the photos.

Twin narratives maintained their attention. The larger font tells a simple story, while the smaller font adds more information. Pages at the end feature thumbnail photos of each animal with further information such as scientific name, size and the depth at which each lives. Some of the scientific names are followed by pronunciation in parentheses, some not. While not a definitive source for research, this lovely volume will definitely pique interest in the wonder of bioluminescence.

I will be purchasing this for my own library. 

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