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What's New? Stacking the Shelves

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For review: Got a box from Charlesbridge on Friday!

Image: Charlesbridge
Daring Dozen: the twelve who walked on the moon by Suzanne Slae. Illustrated by Alan Marks. Charlesbridge, March, 2019. 9781580897730.

Publisher synopsis: Fifty years ago, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon. That was the Apollo 11 mission. Since that moment, six more Apollo missions were launched, five successfully reached the moon, and eleven more men walked on its surface. 

In simple, poetic verse, Suzanne Slade takes readers on a trip to the Moon aboard all the Apollo missions from 1969 through 1972. Suzanne was able to work closely with astronaut Alan Bean, the lunar module pilot of the Apollo 12 landing. Back matter includes a note from Alan Bean, information about the rockets and vehicles used, highlights from the missions, and more. 

Gorgeously illustrated by Alan Marks, the eerie beauty of outer space and the excitement of space travel come to life. Back matter includes photos from the NASA missions. 

Image: Charlesbridge
Sonny's Bridge: jazz legend Sonny Rollins finds his groove by Barry Wittenstein. Illustrated by Keith Mallett. unpgd. Charlesbridge, May 21, 2019. 9781580898812.

Publisher synopsis: Sonny Rollins is one of the most prolific sax players in the history of jazz, but in 1959, at the height of his career, he vanished from the scene. His return to music was an interesting journey - with a long detour on the Williamsburg Bridge. Too loud to practice in his apartment, Rollins played on the New York City landmark for two years among the cacophony of the traffic and the stares of bystanders. Then in 1962, Rollins went back to the studio and recorded arguably his best album to date: The Bridge. Told with a jazz edge to the rhyming text, young readers will be inspired by the genius of this jazz legend. 

Image: Charlesbridge
Snowman - Cold = Puddle: spring equations by Laura Purdie Salas. Illustrated by Michael Archer. unpgd. Charlesbridge, February, 2019. 9781580897983.

Publisher synopsis: Math is all around us, and in this clever and enlightening picture book, readers see how math, nature, and poetry intermingle and collaborate...well, naturally. Each clever equation is a tiny, perfect poem that prompts readers to look at the ordinary and see the miraculous. Can you look at an egg in a nest and see a jewelry box? How are sunlight and heat like an alarm clock? Engaging sidebars reveal the science behind the signs of spring. 

Blow them away with beauty, math, poetry, and the interconnectedness of all things.

Image: Charlesbridge
Girls with Guts! The road to breaking barriers and bashing records by Debbie Gonzales. Illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon. Unpgd. May 14, 2019. 9781580897471.

Publisher synopsis: These girls changed the game!
Celebrate the strength, endurance, and athleticism of women and girls throughout the ages! Meet women athletes from the late 1800s up through the 1970s, when Title IX was passed. Share with young readers how women refused to take no for an answer, and how finally, they pushed for a law to protect their right to play, compete, and be athletes. 

Image: Charlesbridge
Seashells: more than a home by Melissa Stewart. Illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen. Unpgd. Charlesbridge, April, 2019. 9781580898102.

Publisher synopsis: Prolific, award-winning nonfiction author Melissa Stewart reveals the surprising ways seashells provide more than shelter to the mollusks that inhabit them. 

Young naturalists discover thirteen seashells in this elegant introduction to the remarkable versatility of shells. Dual-layered text highlights how shells provide more than a protective home in this expository nonfiction exploration. The informative secondary text underscores characteristics specific to each shell. Elegant watercolor illustrations create a scrapbook feel, depicting children from around the world observing and sketching seashells across shores.  

Image: Charlesbridge
Which One Doesn't Belong? Playing with shapes by Christopher Danielson. unpgd. Charlesbridge, reissue, February, 2019. 9781580899444.

Publisher synopsis: An innovative and intuitive approach to geometry.
This is not your typical shapes book. This introduction to geometry and mathematical thinking will excite young readers and make math a part of their everyday lives. Celebrated math educator Christopher Danielson encourages inquiry and critical thinking and sparks memorable mathematical conversations by asking which shape in each group does not belong. There's no one right answer - the important thing is to have a reason why. Kids might describe the shapes as squished, smooshed, dented, or even goofy. But when they justify their thinking, they're talking math!

Winner of the Mathical Book Prize for books that inspire children to see math all around them.

Image: Charlesbridge
Butterflies in Room 6: see how they grow by Caroline Arnold. unpgd. Charlesbridge, March, 2019. 9781580898942.

Publisher synopsis: 

The children in Room 6 are learning about butterflies.

Caroline Arnold goes back to Mrs. Best's kindergarten class where, instead of chicks, the children are observing butterflies as they hatch from eggs, become caterpillars, go into metamorphosis, and become adult butterflies.

Delightful and informational photographs show young readers each step of the way, as the students in Room 6 engage the scientific method and learn the life cycle of the butterfly as well as the vocabulary associated with the process, including egg, larva, chrysalis, pupa, and more.

Raising butterflies is a popular springtime curriculum activity. Curious young minds will be fascinated by the beauty and science of a butterfly's life.

Image: Charlesbridge
The Piñata That the Farm Maiden Hung by Samantha R. Vamos. Illustrated by Sebastià Serra. unpgd. Charlesbridge, January, 2019. 9781580897969.

Publisher synopsis: It's someone's birthday. Feliz Cumpleaños!
A farm maiden enlists the help of her farm friends to build a piñata for a special celebration. Borrowing the style of "The House that Jack Built," the story unfolds as each part of the piñata is gathered - each piece is introduced in English and then replaced by the Spanish word as more and more of the piñata is created. It's a bilingual birthday bash from the boy who shaped the barro to the sorpresa at the end! 

Back matter includes the lyrics to La Canción de la Piñata (The Piñata Song), instructions for how to make your own piñata, a glossary, and a list of Spanish translations.

Purchased: Nothing!

Gifted: I became a grandmother on April 26. My eldest son and his wife welcomed their first child into the world and I got to hold her on April 27. She is perfect. My youngest sister sent me:
Image: Penguin Random House
Nanaville: Adventures in grandparenting by Anna Quindlen. 176 p.  Random House Publishing Group, April 23, 2019. 9780593132913. 

Publisher synopsis: Before blogs even existed, Anna Quindlen became a go-to writer on the joys and challenges of family, motherhood, and modern life, in her nationally syndicated column. Now she’s taking the next step and going full nana in the pages of this lively, beautiful, and moving book about being a grandmother. Quindlen offers thoughtful and telling observations about her new role, no longer mother and decision-maker but secondary character and support to the parents of her grandson. She writes, “Where I once led, I have to learn to follow.” Eventually a close friend provides words to live by: “Did they ask you?”

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